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Friday, December 14, 2012

We tested: MK802 + Android 4.0 Mini PC [Installation Guide]

These days of new technological peaks and breakthroughs in computing, in the center stage of technology today are different smartphones and tablet computers expensive, from the side, slowly sneaking them cheap PC mini computers, saving hundreds to thousands of dollars potentially different solutions for home computing.

If you ever thought that your size two fingers can make you the TV home TV wise, make her the center of home media by connecting to WIFI and the ability to view videos 1080p, conduct video calls with Skype on - by running the Android operating system, to be the anchor your home office e-mail, desktop apps, and edit documents and presentations by running different distributions of Linux?

Well, this technology is still in its infancy, but already it performs all of the tasks listed above, nor does it of sufficient quality. Out of curiosity, I ordered a few days ago the tiny computer MK802 +, and use it for review.

Specifications warns Funny price 

 Cost device that can perform all the tasks listed in the previous paragraph, is $ 55 - $ 90 . The MK802 + includes:

  1. Allwinner A10 processor - which is ARM Cortex A8 processor, running at a clock of 1.5 GHz.
  2. Internal memory of 1 GB RAM - DDR3 memory.
  3. Wireless Connectivity - WIFI 802.1b/g/n. Wired Connectivity - USB adapter support to the LAN.
  4. USB adapter support to the LAN.
     USB port, includes support for USB hub to connect wired mouse and keyboard, and webcam, supporting 2.4 GHz receiver connection to connect wireless mouse and keyboard, support for USB Host - portable memory access.
  5. 4GB of internal memory, Micro SD Slot - increasing the storage device by memory card.
  6. Graphics processor OpenGL ES2.0 - AMD Z430 / OpenVG1.1 - AMD Z160 three-dimensional display
  7. Support in-Flash, HTML5, Full HD 1080p/2160p.
         Mini HDMI port to connect the screen / TV.
What's in the box? MK802 + tiny computer, power cable, USB HOST, USB mini cable to connect the PC cable, Mini HDMI to HDMI.

Operating system 

The device comes with Android OS 4.0.4 (built-in support in Hebrew), but of course, like any good Android devices, there's an alternative. I installed it cooked Uberoid Rom 1.2, but you can install and run it well CyanogenMOD 9/10 and upgrade versions of Android to Jellybean.

Installation is similar to installing Rom cooked for other devices: Installing Clockworkmod, then CM, then Gapps and Compatibility Zip to adjust the distribution device. For some reason, I now can not navigate the menu CWM using the keyboard or mouse, so I could not install it the Hseinog'n versions, but the rum cooked Uberoid doing a good enough job, until a solution to the specific model that I own.


To the computer to recognize the device, take the Mini Clip offices (curved connecting pages temporarily) and click on the Reset button located on the bottom left of the stick if you look at him supreme. Do not leave the clicking, while the button pressed plug it into the USB port on your computer.

Then, you must click several times (between 10 and 15) continuously and rapidly on the Reset button, so that the computer will detect and download appropriate drivers. Then, do the same when using the Livesuit software, and follow the wizard.

Ofcourse through Android can watch YouTube videos full HD quality with appropriate Task Manager. Severity of the MK802 is not strong enough to run multiple tasks in parallel, so to get a full viewing experience, close all the tasks running in the background before you apply the full power of the small processor. 

In summary 

Tiny computer that cost me about 210 dollars has successfully made the actions of strangers home media, running Android, introduced quality movies 1080p, running different distributions of Linux with a browser Chromium successfully, we still have video calls using Skype and a webcam, and the fact you can do with it what you want .

Consideration of approximately NIS -210, this is certainly a potential for which even larger. Soon exported devices Mini PC with dual-core processor and increased RAM memory, enabling applications to run more advanced, better quality and multitasking, but certainly this device to replace the Hstrimerim expensive (between 400 and 1,500 NIS) and can be a solution to the TV room or office, with appropriate HD splitter.

Purchase, please contact Ebay, RikoMagic, Miniand, Amazon and other online shopping networks. Price ranges from $ 50 cheap device to $ -90 expensive device. In my opinion, definitely worth it.

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